Sunday, 17 January 2021



They're dwindling,

those who might turn up to mourn,

and some of those are just in tow.

Some went before -

the ones you mourned the most

the ones that would have

mourned you most - 

to be expected.

Some you lose through death,

some fade away,

some are blocked,

some block you,

some you knew well,

some just slightly,

the rest you didn't know at all - 

to be expected.

Of those remaining,

one would be distraught,

two would be sorry,

one or two say positive things,

one or two would have mixed feelings,

some would comfort the one distraught,

the rest would mingle round the buffet - 

to be expected.

And if they all go first, what then?

The council would have to deal with it,

and when you're scattered

and your stuff is binned,

what then is left of you?

No-one to remember,

nothing to remember - 

but at least nothing expected.


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