Saturday, 19 December 2020

What I am grateful for

People who care.

People who are supportive.

People who try to understand.

People who do not expect you to feel positive all the time.

People who understand when they're lucky and that others are not as lucky.

People who try to make things better.

People who have the right words when you need them.

Poems that help me understand.



I'm not going to name names - I have already thanked individuals throughout the year who are covered by this list and I will continue to do so, particularly those who are closest to me personally.

My huge thanks to all those who care, in so many ways, in the community. 

Thank you too to all those who have supported my poetry and have helped me through theirs, whether in pamphlets, anthologies, collections, blogs or magazines, and to all those birders who have brought light through photos, tweets, blogs and magazines.

My photography has fallen away this year for many reasons, but here are a few photos that I'm grateful for - for beauty, memories and life. Hopefully, there'll be so much more to come.





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