Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Another busy month, but a few outings locally produced some great sightings for me, and it's been good watching the autumn arrive with its beautiful colours and returning birds. The following are some of the highlights.

Early in the month I had to go up to London, so took the chance to pop into what used to be my local park in Dulwich. Pleased to see wildlife that used to be so familiar up there and so rare down here.

I've just thought - Sheppey would be a good place to introduce Red Squirrels as the competition from greys would be minimal!

I've also been up to Elmley a couple of times. The Lapwings are more evident now - beautiful birds :

But what seems to have brought people in this month are the Long-eared Owls - regular sightings, with one, half-hidden in the wooded area just past the carpark, becoming a fixture for many days. It certainly proved a challenge for photographers, all looking for manual to try and penetrate the foliage.

Up at Oare the Godwits have been there in large numbers and I managed to catch a Stonechat and a large group of Bearded Tits

Took a trip out to White Horse Wood Country Park which was very quiet except for a large flock of Goldfinches which settled sometimes in the trees like brightly coloured autumn leaves.

Locally the Brent Geese are back along the shoreline - these at Minster :

And yesterday I saw my first Redwing of the autumn not far from my home :

It's a wonderful time of year despite the very changeable weather and just great to be out and about.