Friday, 26 September 2014

Random thoughts from September

September has been a busy month for me, but not so much for walking or birdwatching unfortunately.  I have been out a few times, so I've compiled some of the moments I particularly enjoyed. 

I went to Standen for the first time earlier this month. It's a lovely place to wander round, with beautiful views across the surrounding countryside, and it was good to see Robins out and about.

I had short outings to Oare and Elmley too. The highlight at Oare was the Great White Egret which I caught flying away - a brief sighting.

At Elmley I saw a rather bedraggled Small Copper and watched a group of Meadow Pipits having fun around a small scrape.

At Capstone Park, a 'tame' Heron posed for me.

At Cliffe Pools, I saw what I think is the dully named, but rather beautiful Wall Brown.


I love visiting all these places - there is always something to see. But there is plenty to watch in the garden at home too - and occasionally something spectacular like this surprise visitor. 

One final image I like from this month :

Not a bad month really given how little time I had!


  1. Excellent photos Sue , particularly like the Sparrowhawk pics , what a treat :-)

  2. Thanks Rob - the other birds stayed away from the garden for two or three days after - but it was still worth it :-)

  3. Nice one Sue. Loved those Mipit shots - little beauties ;)

  4. Thanks Mark - never seen so many together before - lovely ;-)