Monday, 4 August 2014

Lake walk at Sissinghurst

Sissinghurst has beautiful gardens, but just outside there is a Lake Walk which is quieter and brings unexpected joys. You walk along the outer edges of the gardens and can see the open fields beyond. There is a lightly wooded area with streams almost hiding between the trees and larger areas of water sometimes fully in view, sometimes only glimpsed.

When I visited yesterday, there were few birds to hear or see, but there were butterflies and dragonflies all around - elusive, darting, skimming the water and plants, settling occasionally, then off again dancing in the sunlight.

I saw Large Whites, Small Tortoiseshell, Gatekeepers, Skippers and my first Speckled Wood.

These Demoiselles shimmered up and down a stream bed.

This damselfly (?Common Blue) preferred the dusty path.

I noticed the one below when trying to focus on one of the bright demoiselles. Despite having just bought a guide to dragonflies and damselflies I still don't know what it is (and I'm not certain about the others either (no response on iSpot yet)). In fact the book, like guides to so many different creatures in the natural world, just demonstrates how hard ID can be when there are so many variants.

Some things are easier, and though very familiar, still great to see.

And some pictures taken accidentally can also reveal something of interest.

Sissinghurst is a wonderful place to visit, but while the gardens are packed with people, the lake walk can be more peaceful and with just as many beautiful things to see.


  1. Looks like a great day out Sue , great photo's to :-)

    1. Thanks Rob ;-)) I keep forgetting to check the comments lol

  2. Very descriptive. Sounds lovely Sue

  3. Hi Sue, As you say it is a lovely place and the walk around the lakes and the surrounding woods always finds something of interest whatever time of year you visit. The pictures are of Beautiful Demoiselles males above and the female one in the below pic.The damselfly does look like a male Common. From time to time you will also find White Admiral butterflies and lots of other dragons on the small pond just up from the main lake .

    1. Thanks Mike. I've never seen a White Admiral - I'll look out for it.