Friday, 29 August 2014

Kingsborough Manor Community Woodland

This is a wonderful place I've just discovered. It constantly surprises me how many places there are to enjoy walking and discovering new natural wonders. At the moment it was a little quiet on the bird front, though there were House Martins skittering around and above the treetops, a Green Woodpecker's distinctive call from the woods or beyond, and other secretive small birds occasionally heard but not seen in the deep foliage.

But there were butterflies and dragonflies galore! And a blanket of berry-laden bushes and trees for them to flutter and dart around and settle on so I could take their photos. Here are just a few of those I saw, including (I think) Migrant Hawkers, Speckled Woods, Red Admirals and Commas :

With the vast number of berry bushes there are bound to be more birds here soon - and I will be back to watch them.

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