Monday, 13 December 2021

2021 - A review where poetry and life are not separate

Another tough year. I've felt at times that I've disappeared from my real life, and only occasionally popped up to cry out or to give thanks from a distance. The following are the various things and people from outside my walls which/who have kept me going this year (in vaguely chronological, but no other, order).

The birds in my garden.

Victoria Bennett - To Start the Year from its Quiet Centre

Vicky Allen - Broken Things and other Tales

Michael Rosen - Many Different Kinds of Love

The birds on my infrequent trips outside.

Jacqueline Saphra - One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets

Kate Fox - The Oscillations

Simon Armitage - A Vertical Art

Julie Stevens - Quicksand and Balancing Act

BBC Springwatch and all related programmes

Louisa Albani - The Journey to my Sister's House... (with the wonderful words of Astra Bloom)

Lee Mack finally scoring at Soccer Aid 

The fox seen from my window

Daniel Sluman - Single Window

Jane Burn - Be Feared

Bird Watching magazine

Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice on Strictly

Under the Radar magazine

Sarasvati magazine

Dara McAnulty - Diary of a Young Naturalist 

All those who have supported what little writing I have put out into the world this year - including Matt Merritt, Hedgehog Poetry and Alzheimer's Society, and those supporting poetry generally including Matthew Stewart, Dave Bonta, The Friday Poem and #TopTweetTuesday @blackboughpoems.

The tweets, blogs and support of Rob @RobsBirding and all the other birders also posting wonderful photos and videos, including Paul Hayes @paulhayes55, Jack @birderjack. April @angelscherished and so many more.

Those who are fighting for Social Care and mental health and all the charities that keep people from going under.

The tweets and ongoing support of Astra Bloom and Jo Eden.

The birds in my garden.

Apologies if I've forgotten anyone - some days I can't even remember what day it is.

With renewed thanks to all, and wishing everyone a better year ahead.

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