Friday, 16 July 2021

Talking poetry

So what's your poem about?                             Me

Isn't that a bit...egotistic?                                  If I don't write about me, who will?

Well, if you were worth writing about...                Everyone is worth...something.

Of course.                                                        Everyone has their own story to tell.

The personal crafted to be universal?                  What?

Nothing. Carry on.                                             No-one knows me like I do.

No, they know you as they do.                           Well, I want them to know my side.

So, what are you going to say?                          I'm going to say who I am.

You're going to be honest?                                 Not necessarily...not entirely.

But then, you're not really telling...                      Well...not everything.

But you said...                                                  Yes, but... it's complicated.

You want them to see the best of you?                Maybe... yes.

And who are these people?                                 Anyone, everyone.

Why should you care what they think?                 I don't know.

So what will it achieve?                                       At least I'll have connected with people.

Who you don't know.                                           But they'll know me.

Or your version of you.                                        What if I'm completely honest?

It'll still be your version.                                       But it will be me.

They may not see it that way.                              Why?    

Like I said, people see things their way.                So you're saying there's no point?

No. Just don't get your hopes up.                         But I want to be seen.

You could get out more.                                       But if I write it, it will last.

If it gets published, and even then...                      Well, at least I'll have written it.

For yourself?                                                       Yes.

But you said...                                                     Go away.

OK, just one more thing...                                    What? 

Who reads poetry anyway?                                      


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