Thursday, 24 July 2014

Oare marshes

Oare is a magical place. Just across the water from Sheppey, you can see the island from the northern end of the marshes. It is a place where the light on the water glows in the morning sun, and when there is mist, there is a feeling of mystery.

Highland cattle wander through. Large flocks of waders come and go. Warblers dart in and out of the reeds - tantalising glimpses only - more heard than seen. There is so much to see, and so much to easily miss. Hidden amongst the flocks of one species will be a rarer sight.

For the less knowledgeable, like me, you can observe where the more experienced have got their scopes focused - and ask politely what they're looking for. People are generally very friendly there - they don't even get cross when you've already taken a picture of the bird they were looking for without knowing what it was!

There is a sense of peace, of light - even on a duller day - and always the chance to see something new, or something familiar but beautiful.

It is another of the places I visit often, so there will be more from here, but here are a few pictures from previous visits.

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